The future of waveguide is in our hands

Flann produces the critical componentry required to deliver, test, measure and calibrate systems networks operating between 300MHz to 500GHz and above. Through technologies such as custom waveguide assembly, antenna, diplexers, adaptors, attenuators, switches, couplers, and terminations.

Flann’s on-going policy of maintaining the highest standards ensures that the Company’s global reputation for quality, reliability and performance will continue into the future.

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Series 625 System Precision Attenuator (POE)

• The series 625 System Attenuator is a programmable rotary vane attenuator which provides up to 60dB of attenuation with high resolution.

• It is a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) replacement for the series 620 and 621 programmable rotary vane attenuators and offers the customer remote ethernet control.

• High accuracy and repeatability is ensured by the use of a high resolution stepper motor and optical encoder. In addition to Ethernet control, a rotary touch sensor and LCD readout allows manual operation.


Series 338 Precision System Switch (POE)

• The series 338 waveguide switch provides a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) option to complement Flann’s other switch ranges. All the electronics for interface and control are included within the unit.

• Automated microwave and millimeter wave testing.

• Double-ridged waveguide versions available.

• WG15 (WR112) to WG28 (WR8)