RFoF Multi-Link series

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RFoF Multi-Link series

RFoF Multi-Link series

RFOptic’s analog RFoF compact modules convert RF signals into optical signals and back. The Tx unit uses an optical transmitter that converts RF to an Optical signal, and the Rx unit converts the Optical signal to an RF signal.

RFoF Multi-Link series

The two units are connected by the customer’s fiber. With our wide-band units, cable operators can centrally locate their broadcasting equipment and connect RF through fiber to the remote location, thus reducing significantly the CAPEX and OPEX of their networks.

The 2.4 GHz RFoF system can accommodate up to 12 Tx or Rx links (or a combination), two (2) power supply cards and one (1) control card that can be interfaced to a management system through RS232 or Ethernet protocols. The product is lightweight and can be installed in a 19″ rack. There are light indications on the front panels in the management system.

The system is ideal for Satellite applications where several links run in parallel. In case of a failure of one of the main channels, the system switches automatically to a redundant channel. The system can be provided with gain control at the receiver side in order to tune the gain to a certain required level.RFoF


• Frequency Range: 0.05 – 6.0 GHz
• Wide Dynamic Range
• Remote management
• Easy to maintain
• Redundant Power Supply
• >10 Km transmission distance
• Additional features/frequencies upon request

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