Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPA´s

True OEM with in-house production of LNA, MPA , HPA modules and systems up to 50GHz. GaN, LDMOS, GaAsFET, discrete, Chip & Wire, Ultra Broadband, Communication Bands, Linearization, Pulse.

Over 500 standard products to choose from. Certified ISO9001 and ISO14001 Manufacturing facility.

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Product examples:

  • MPA1002: 26.5-40GHz, 21dBm P1dB, 30dB gain
  • MPA1012: 18-26.5GHz, 30dBm P1dB, 36dB gain
  • LNA1005: 10-4000MHz, 22dBm P1dB, 23dB gain
  • AMP1039: 1-6GHz, 45dBm, 45dB gain
  • AMP1044: 1-6GHz, 50dBm, 50dB gain
  • AMP1002: 2-6GHz, 42dBm, 42dB gain
  • AMP1089 : 2-6GHz, 53dBm, 53dB gain
  • AMP2033 / AMP2035 / AMP2053 : 6-18GHz, 10W, 50W, 100W module products
  • AMP1070 / AMP1071 / AMP1074 : 1-18GHz, 10W, 20W, 30W module products
  • AMP4065 / AMP4066 : 18-26.5GHz & 26.5-40GHz 40W Amp systems